About us

Our vision implies that we must be the fastest on the market and deliver the service that we ourselves would rate 5/5 stars with, as well as be at the forefront of adapting new technology, which has always driven us.


To be one of the best merchants, while at the same time creating exposure for the products of the future.


"Ice Stonks" is a one-man company founded on 13/1/23 in Slagelse, by Michael Søbjerg Jensen, after a dismissal abroad and a "great reset" it was time to try something new, due to a flair for technology and design, efforts were made with design and electronics. The company started primarily in the electronics industry, where a great many M.2 external hard drives and paper were sold. Due to increasing interest, it was time to put away the name "Ice Stonks", which started as a bit of an internet joke, for a really good or very very bad financial decision.


On 11/04/23 at 5:37 in the morning, the iconic MSJ pattern was completed, after trying for many, many years to make an iconic pattern that would make sense. After a few hours it was sent to a designer who finished the design for the carpet in the store, the handmade carpet in New Zealand Wool and Viscose measuring 2x3 meters which many asked about and measuring 2x3 meters was at this time the only one with the pattern on it, very soon after, was the first boxer shorts designed with an embroidered pattern and logo.


On 15/4/23, We changed our name from Ice Stonks to MJ Trading & Import to make room for more veracity and have a more diverse selection as well as a red toe.

With the switch to MJ Trading & Import, OEM orders were opened up, where you can order almost anything your heart desires, from toys with your own logo and packaging, to Persian handmade carpets in e.g. New Zealand Wool, Viscose, Nylon or Bamboo silk and sizes as desired, at the same time it became possible to get your own logo on your item when buying in bulk, whether it is a suit with an embroidered logo or a box of nails, then we took our customers in hand and helped them to obtain what they desired.


MJ Trading & Import

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